About Onigiri

The Onigiri is the most popular snack in Japan, where people love to enjoy a little rice snack in the morning, during work, after work or in the late night.

An Onigiri is a rice triangle made with a special mix of rice. In the center of the Onigiri is a filling which gives some additional flavor. The Onigiri is packed in a traditional Japanese Onigiri Nori leaf.

This typical Japanese packaging allows the consumer to taste a freshly produced Onigiri in a crunchy seaweed.

Our Onigiri are produced in Luxembourg, they are CE conform and they are labelled "Made in Luxembourg".

Mata-ne Onigiri

Chicken Curry
Salmon & Mayo
(Gluten Free)
Tuna & Mayo
(Gluten Free)
(Vegan & Gluten Free)

How to open Onigiri

Our Onigiri come in the "traditional" packaging that you can find in all Japanese convenience stores.

You can open Onigiri smoothly by following 3 easy steps:


Pull the flap all-around the product

Pull smoothly flap number 2

Pull smoothly flap number 3

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